Thursday, 12 December 2013

Thornleys Gluten free Sauce mixes

Recently  I was kindly sent a sample pack of five sauce mixes from "Free From" producers Thornleys, now you will probably gather from this blog that I am not really a packet girl, I tend to make all my sauces fresh so I know what goes in them. But I understand not everyone is the passionate cook that I am, so they have a place in many families cupboards, the problem with them being that if you have dietary issues then most of the normal brands are of limits.

Well thats not so with Thornleys, this Lancashire family firm have created a range of sauce mixes from natural ingredients that all the family can enjoy even if you need to cater for a wheat or gluten free diet. 

The concept of Thornleys originated due the family having three generations of Coeliacs; and wanting to produce a product that would respond to the demands of satisfying a hungry family with delicious, natural tasting food suitable for a Coeliac to consume.

Their range contains five sauces, blended as if you had prepared them yourself using only the finest natural ingredients. Each product in the sauce range has been approved by the Coeliac Association and is made using only natural ingredients that are free from additives, preservatives, colours, MSG, gluten and wheat.

Their sauces are for people who want an alternative to chemically enhanced sauces. They are simple to cook, providing the whole family with the means to a quick, easy and delicious meal. Most importantly, Thornleys products are made for everyone to enjoy! 

They are a great standby in the cupboard and where extremely popular with my friend who is a coeliac, she loved all the sauces I gave her to taste and the rest of the family were impressed too !

I cooked with the tuna pasta bake flavour mixing the sauce with salmon and adding some lightly steamed broccoli to up the vegetable content. The light fresh sauce with a lemony tang perfectly complemented the fish and was very enjoyable, highly recommended.

The sauces are available direct from Thornleys and also in an increasing number of outlets including Roaming Roosters in Pendle amongst others.

By the way Thornleys to me will always mean a certain pork butchers who in my childhood produced some delectable whist pies ! but that's a story for another day.

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