Thursday, 12 December 2013

Rudolf's rum and raisin cake with white chocolate ganache

A classic combination inspired by that  childhood favourite "Old Jamaica" chocolate is my bake for the Christmas event for the Clandestine Cake Club. Essentially a common or garden victoria sponge cinnamon scented , with the boozy addition of soaked raisins. I left the raisins to soak for 3 days and they smelt amazing just like that beloved chocolate bar of my youth.

I decorated the cake in a kitsch retro style, using a rum flavoured white chocolate ganache and a dark chocolate reindeer with the obligatory red nose and the cheek addition of some chocolate "rocks" (chocolate raisins and cranberries).

I also sprinkled him with some edible snow glitter too ! more is more  on this occasion. Just a bit of fun for a fun event.


Dawn Yucuis said...

This looks like a perfect cake for the holidays. Soaking the raisins for 3 days I am sure made the cake taste fantastic.

Charlene F said...

I love rum and raisin flavour combination, a taste of the Caribbean in a cake :-)

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