Sunday, 5 August 2012

Sweet by Levi Roots

Levi Roots is a self made man made good, famously selected on Dragons Den, he received backing to launch his Reggae Reggae sauce brand on to the UK market from the Dragons. Despite the range now encompassing sauces, flavourings and ready meals, running a restaurant and making a caribbean tv cookery series, this hasn't stopped Levi publishing numerous cookery books, his latest of which I have been lucky enough to receive to review from Octopus Publishing Group.

SWEET bring the tastes and flavours of the caribbean to your kitchen in this indulgent book. SWEET features both new taste experiences and plenty of reggae reggae twists on some old favourites too.
The book has over 215 pages and  almost every recipe is illustrated, I enjoy a cookery book that is illustrated so you know what you are aiming for presentation wise, and the book also  features numerous other photographs of typical caribbean scences and ingredients.

SWEET brings an instant hit of sunshine to our rainy shores and the majority of the recipes focus on introducing sunshine fruit flavours or warming spicy notes to a vast range of cakes, ices, desserts and even a few cocktails.The book is  divided in to cakes, biscuits and bars, pies and tarts, creamy puds, bake and steamed puds, fresh and fruity puds, barbecued puds, ices, sweets and drinks, so all bases are covered.

I throughly enjoyed following some of the recipes from SWEET, I found them easy to follow and comprehensive so that my results where good. The recipes were fun and I loved the retro caribbean styling of the books layout.

I'm off to the shops to stock up on rum and more spices !

SWEET is available from Amazon and other good book shops.

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Carla G said...

Sounds like a good addition to the repertoire....never really explored Caribbean baking as such but am intrigued!!

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