Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Cocoa Boutique

Cocoa Boutique is a new online "artisan"chocolate company, featuring the works of some of the Uk's best and up and coming chocolatiers. I was pleased to be offered the oppertunity to review one of their tasting boxes for review on my blog.

Presented in a sophiscated black and white box imprinted with their subtle logo was a selection of truffles, caramels, pralines and buttons. The decadent slection features everything from a sophiscated champagne truffle through to a milk chocolate button. The ethos behind the tasting box is to stimulate your taste buds and provide a journey around the world of chocolate.

The company is passionate about chocolate and aims to show case the works of various different chocolatier throughout the year, the box sent for tasting included works by Barry Colenso, Pierre Ledent and up and coming Claire Hicklin.
Quality and freshness are everything in the world of chocolate and Cocoa Boutique are looking to provide chocolates which showcase quality ingredients and which are created fresh and have been hand selected for you.

I have rated the selection, I am lucky that I get to taste a quite a lot of chocolate and some of these rank highly in my league table.

Pink Champagne Truffle 9/10, I especially liked the raspeberry pieces on the outside.

White Strawberry Creme 10/10 - creamy and fruity

Raspberry with a hint of orange 8/10

Milk Chocolate Almond Praline 9/10 - delicious combination of whole nut and salty praline

Milk Chocolate buttons 7/10

White chocolate buttons 8/10

Pamela 8/10

Cocoa dusted dark chocolate salted caramels 8/10 - delicious runny salty caramel bombs !

Milk chocolate Truffle 7/10

Rum Cafe Cream 8/10

Dark Chocolate brandy truffle 7/10

Vanilla Irish Cream 8/10

70% Ecuador Dark Chocolate Buttons 8/10

Milk Chocolate Honeycomb 7/10 - slight disappointment as not all the pieces were crunchy

Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans 8/10 - small but pack a big caffiene hit !

The scheme works on the principle of a chocolate standing order, every month, 2 months, etc your choice of frequency. You can find out more on their website and also about the featured chocolatier.
Cocoa Boutique

If you would like to win some chocolates for yourself http://www.cocoaboutique.com/free-chocolates


Choclette said...

I have yet to post my review of these, but I was impressed too.

Anonymous said...

Tasty looking treats!

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