Monday, 8 July 2013

Malkin Pie - a true regional speciality


Malkin pie was created by the talented team at "Delicious from Home" Christine and Keith in celebration of the 400th anniversary of the Pendle Witch trails of 1612.

The spooky tale of witches, magic and curses in the shadow of Pendle Hill have inspired this carefully researched and deliciously imaginative pie. The Malkin pie is named after the tower  which was the home of "Demdike" one of the witches and is a new Lancashire classic.

Featuring all local ingredients the 5 layer pie has a shortcrust base infused with thyme which is then topped with locally sourced lamb, thyme, spices and mixed pulses (barley I think), this is then topped with braised leeks, carrots, swedes and celery and then marinated best beef steak and onions, another layer of dry cured bacon which is all rounded off by the wicca dumpling layer (suet crust with fresh chives).

This is a pie for when you are very hungry and is packed full of fantastic flavours, its recommended that its served with the specially mixed Spiced red cabbage chutney supplied with the pie which is a beautiful accompaniment of slow braised spiced red cabbage,apples, onions, spices, cinnamon, thyme, red wine vinegar and garlic.

You can get your hands on this very special pie at
and also Great Harwood farmers market (1st Sunday of the month), Barrowford farmers market (2nd Sunday of the month), Sawley farmers market (last Sunday of the month) and various other festivals and one off events. You can also order direct too via their website.

The Lancashire Food household thoroughly enjoyed their pie, reheated gently, a wonderful meal and the red cabbage providing a lovely contrast to the pie and ideal if you have been up Pendle Hill on a hike. 


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