Sunday, 21 July 2013

Blackcurrant Trifle

Now that I've got attention ! An easy seasonal dessert loved by all, we are lucky enough that we have a blackcurrant bush in the garden and its been laden this summer with a bumper crop of dark juicy berries. Lucky for us the birds seemed to have bypassed the bush and instead snaffled my small crop of redcurrants that grow nearby. 

This is a recipe where you can go the whole hog and be very chefy making your own sponge and custard from first principles or use a few sneaky cheats, on a hot summer's day I opted for the cheats version.

First we are going to make a blackcurrant compote, this works with any soft fruit by the way in case you were wondering. Take you fruit and half the quantity by weight in caster sugar and warm gently in a saucepan until the sugar has melted and the juices are starting to run from the fruit. Taste for sweetness if necessary add a little more sugar. Fruit compotes store well in a covered dish in the fridge and are great in cakes (see blackcurrant and cassis cake post for clandestine cake club), swirled over yoghurt or with a pannacotta. Chill your compote before making your trifle.

What you will need
  • Blackcurrant compote
  • Cake sponge (homemade if you wish) or sponge fingers (boudoir / langue de chat) for the cheat
  • Custard (homemade if you wish, or custard powder or ready made) ideally thick
  • Cream ( whipping or double cream) for garnish - whipped to soft peak stage
  • Booze - sherry, cassis, etc (optional) I didn't use
What you do
  • Locate your nice glasses that will show of this lovely dessert in all its glory
  • Carefully spoon a layer of compote into the glass
  • Then layer broken up sponge pieces and custard
  • Another layer of blackcurrant compote, keep layering until you are nearly at the top of the glass, finish with custard.
  • Now finish the trifle with a sexy dollop of cream and a few reserved berries.


Janice said...

That's my kind of dessert. I too have blackcurrants in the garden so will be giving this a whirl!

Unknown said...

Yummy !! My mouth is watering.. i have tried this & i liked the most. Thanks for sharing, & even i found amazing link of 'Indian Recipes cooking show', 'Indian Cooking Recipe', 'Indian Cooking' You will also like it.

Vicky Angel said...

I think this Blackcurrant Trifle dessert recipe is good for this summer! i'm going to make one sometime.

Choclette said...

Oh how pretty Linzi and what a lovely dessert. I'm hoping my mother will have picked some of her blackcurrants for me - crossing fingers. Birds got all of our redcurrants and gooseberries.

Unknown said...

Simply stunning and delicious! So easy and quick to make. I followed the recipe without making any changes and added all the juice, so my trifle was very moist and juicy but that wasn't a problem with my dinner guests who all had seconds. This will be one of my new failsafe desserts. I will definitely make again - sooner rather than later!

Unknown said...

WOW! so vibrant, the colors OMG! my mouth is watering, I know what to make for dessert, hmmmnnn by just looking at it this would definitely turn to one of my favorite gourmet desserts. Thanks for the share.

Janine said...

Looks great! Photo is really good.

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