Monday 1 July 2013

Cheese of the Month - No 07

Kickass Cheddar

Is an extra mature strong cheddar cheese coated in black wax and proudly made in Chipping Lancashire by Procters Cheese, what sets Kickass Cheddar apart from other Cheddar style cheeses is the fact that is a creamy cheese but with a pronounced cheddar flavour. The Cheese has a mature, nutty bite but a unique smooth texture. 

This cheese is hot off the press ( well cheese press) as its only been being sold for the last few weeks as it official launch was at the recent highly successful Lancaster Food Festival and its already picking up fans locally and from far a wide.

Available in good local cheese shops, delis and at farmers markets this a great cheese to search out. Its avaliable in 3kg deli wheels, 454g cheese bombs and 200g truckles (love that word !), I was kindly supplied with some truckles to play with by Procters after initially tasting the cheese at The Cheese Shop at Botany Bay.

The cheese makes a great sandwich cheese for a ploughmans and we loved it in our "rabbit" - that's mushrooms gently fried in a little oil or butter, you could add garlic too (wild garlic would be ace) and then melt your cheese, sprinkle with a little thyme and serve with toast. A great breakfast or lunch dish.

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