Sunday, 7 October 2012

Nakd bars

Natural Balance Foods Logo

Yowzer, todays post has brought a box of NAKD bars for review, these vegan, gluten free , diary free snack bars are packed with natural ingredients and are a great way to eat healthy, nutritious food on the go without compromising on taste. They have no added sugar or any nasty bits too ! My ceoliac mates are going to love these gluten free snacks .

They come in loads of flavours, take a look at their website and facebook page for inspiration, but the best bit is that they are made in England ! Yeah. They are a young company devoted to increasing world happiness with yummy healthy snacks and being different in their approach to business. Refreshingly conscious of their social and environmental impact and what good they can do with their product they have developed a unique product. The bars are available in a myriad of flavours, some of which are listed below, the snack bars aren't the most beautiful to look at but they are very tasty in the main, we particularly enjoyed the fruit , coffee and cocoa flavoured bars.

Pecan Pie - Dates, pecans, almonds
Cocoa Mint- Dates, cashews, raisins, cocoa and mint 
Cocoa Delight - Dates, cashews, raisins and cocoa
Ginger Bread - dates, almonds, pecans, ginger, cloves and cinnamon
Cocoa Orange - dates, cashews, raisins, cocoa and orange
Caffe Mocha - dates, cashews, raisins, cocoa and natural flavours
Rhubarb and Custard - dates, cashews, raisins and natural flavours
Cashew Cookie- cashews and dates 
Berry Delight - Dates, cashews, raisins and raspberry

Nakd bars are available in most health food shops, larger supermarkets and also direct from Nakd themselves. I received my NAKD bars for review free of charge.

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