Monday, 15 October 2012

Fiddlers Lancashire Crisps

"Lovely and local" they  most certainly are, Fiddlers Lancashire Crisps are grown and produced by a family concern on the famous Lancashire mosslands near Ormskirk, THE centre of fine potato growing in Lancashire.

The rich black soil is famous for producing superb potatoes and the Fiddler family have simply taken this great local  product and enhanced it, by taking it back to their farm and washing,peeling, slicing and frying them by hand to produce a crisp to be proud of. 

They then use the best of local flavourings to enhance their product such as Ellseys Vinegar, Lancashire Cheese(proper) and Lancashire Sauce, all great local products too. The bag even tells you who cooked your crisps for you in my case Robert, Judith, John and Big Bob as I had a selection of flavours to try, the crisps themselves are delicious, thickly sliced, crispy , fresh tasting and not all greasy , the selection of flavours is inspired, just a fabulous local product.

My favourite is the salt and Ellseys malt vinegar, closely followed by Lancashire Cheese and onion, but each to your own as there is something for everyone in the range.

Fiddlers Lancashire Crisps are available from quality outlets across the county and Fiddlers also do mail order for those of you who don't live that locally. You can find their facebook page

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