Sunday, 28 October 2012

CCC No 10 - Haunted graveyard cake at POND

Finally cake club has managed to make it to POND, we've literally had to compete with hell and high water, but  we finally made it. POND is a fabulous bar/deli/tapas/restaurant/cafe situated just of Winckley Square on Cross St in Preston, run by the very talented Andrea Mellon who has been inspired by her world travels to create a fabulous local food venue, where you can experience their freshly prepared menu in a comfortable setting.

Our theme for this meeting was Dulce oi Truco, (Trick or Treat in Spanish) for Halloween and we warmly welcomed including having complimentary teas, chocolate chilli, jasmine and very berry. Our cakes included a Pumpkin patch cake, Coffin cake, bleeding chocolate raspberry cake, soggy moggy, Pumpkin Cake, Batty Cake, Graveyard cake, Red Velvet Cake, Chocolate Beetroot Cake and Spooky spider cake, our membership (old and new) are certainly very talented bakers and decorators.

My cake for this gathering was a Haunted Graveyard cake, based on easy all in one chocolate cake base (Fiona Cairns recipe from The Birthday Cake book) and then decorated to the theme. I just coated the cake with chocolate buttercream, surrounded with unevenly cut chocolate sticks, I then embedded so square tombstone biscuits piped with black and red icing in the cake and pile crumbled chocolate biscuit crumbs as soil and mixed with skull and bone sweeties and little jelly ghosts strategically placed , this was then surrounded by some little glowing pumpkin lights I picked up from the pound shop. Hope you like it.

POND is a great location and a few of the members stayed on after the meeting to enjoy a fabulous selection of tapas from the menu, we can also recommend the teas , coffees and other refreshments too. Please pay this great local venue a visit if you are in Preston city centre, a warm friendly welcome awaits you.

DUK and Pond

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