Wednesday, 19 March 2014

"A Right Royal Do ! " at The Royal Oak Riley Green - South Lancashire Clandestine Cake Club

For the 23rd Meeting of South Lancashire we were kindly invited by the team at The Royal Oak at Riley Green to hold an event in their lovely country pub, hence our theme of "A right royal do !"

Our small intimate gathering was hosted in a cosy area of this pub famed for its quality beer and food, we were also lucky enough to even have cake baked for our meeting by the award winning Executive Chef - Chris Rawlinson.

                             The Royal Oak

Our lovely members enjoyed a fine selection of cakes all with a suitably Royal theme, all treats fit for the Queen.

Marbled Royale Cheesecake by yours truly

Queen of Sheba Cake by Katherine

Classic Queen Victoria Sponge by Carla

Queen Mother Cake by Jane

Chocolat au Royale made by Chef Chris
 We were warmly welcomed by all the staff and enjoyed chatting with staff and club members about all things cakey including  memorable bakes from previous meetings and ideas for forthcoming meetings. The Royal Oak is great for a drink with friends or for an enjoyable meal, the cake made by chef Chris was amazing !

Thanks to all the staff at the Royal Oak for being great hosts and also to our lovely members and their guests for great selection of cakes and cake stories.

We have previously reviewed the Royal Oak and its food when it first opened here


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