Friday, 1 November 2013

Cheese of the Month - No 11

Booths Cheese from Booths and Dewlay Cheese

Here at Lancashire Food we are so excited and privileged to proudly feature Booths Cheese as our cheese this month. 

Booths, the Northern fine food and drink retailer takes enormous pride in the specialist knowledge of their staff, devoting time and training to visiting producers and understanding how a product is made. 

The Booths cheese specialists took their quest for product knowledge to another level recently and turned their hands to making the cheese themselves. Six cheese specialists from across the business have made a Lancashire cheese at Dewlay Cheesemakers in Garstang Lancashire. 

Conor Daunt, Commercial Director at Dewlay Cheesemakers said “Booths and Dewlay have worked very closely over the years and we share the same passion for Lancashire cheese. This was a unique project where these highly experienced cheese specialists worked at the dairy over three days and actually made their own cheese from start to finish to their own specifications, and we look forward to seeing the product in store over the coming weeks.”

Well lucky us, as we have got our hands on some of the cheese on the same day it was delivered to and launched in stores.

Richard Paul cheese specialist from the Lytham St Anne’s Booths said, “They say we people learn best by doing, and I think that’s especially true when it comes to food. To genuinely understand the artisan process of making cheese—there’s nothing like making it yourself. I can’t wait to sell the cheese and tell our customers that I made it myself. At Booths staff knowledge sets us apart from the crowd, it’s was makes us a specialist and not just some person behind the counter.”

“We’re all food lovers at Booths, we take pride in what we sell, and now I can say I take pride in the cheese I made.”

Our cheese came traditionally wrapped in wax paper and was personally delivered by Conor from Dewlay cheese, its a young Lancashire cheese but its already different from a traditional Dewlay cheese, its still a little crumbly but has a nice creamy texture developing with more flavour than a traditional Lancashire creamy, deliciously fresh tasting and very moreish. Mr Lancashire Food is already well on his way to finishing the first block !

So pop into your local Booths and pick some of this cheese and remember to ask your cheesemonger behind the counter whether they are now a cheesemaker too.

At the moment the cheese is a limited edition as I understand but I am sure if Booths customers ask for this cheese, it could become a regular feature of Booths cheese counters.

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