Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Vinegar Cake

This month Country Living has a campaign for you to try a new cake recipe - Vinegar Cake, the recipe can be downloaded from the Country Living website , and ideally they would like you to tweet your photo to them for them to retweet their favourites.

I haven't made Vinegar Cake before , so I thought I would give it a try , as I like to put my own slant on  a recipe, I used Raspberry Vinegar and Amaretto. Initially the cake is a little crusty, so it benefits from storing for a couple of days in an airtight tin but it develops into a delicious moist fruity cake with no hint of the vinegar at all.

Vinegar cakes were apparently popular in the days when eggs weren't easily available as the hens had gone off lay , fortunately this isn't something my hens suffer from and they lay pretty consistently all year round. 

1 comment:

Charley said...

Wow this looks yummy! I might try doing this one this week :)

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