Saturday, 26 March 2016

Back to your roots ! Clandestine Cake Club at The Clog and Billycock, Pleasington

Our latest meeting of South Lancashire Clandestine Cake Club had the theme "Back to your roots" - root vegetable cakes or cakes from  your past.

We were lucky to have our event hosted by The Clog and Billycock (the only pub in the country with this name) and we were made so welcome at this pub famous for its food and drink. The pub is situated in rolling Lancashire countryside just outside Blackburn and is part of the Ribble Valley Inn's Group.

A billycock by the way is a type of bowler hat, very popular in Victorian times. The pub is cosy and the welcome warm.

We had a fabulous time and the staff were amazing looking after our every need, munching our way through some truly wonderful cakes from our lovely members it was a great way to spend an

Lemon Parsnip Cake

Retro Birthday cake

10p mix cake

Chocolate beetroot cake

Lemon Drizzle cake

Cumbrian Gingerbread

Rhubarb and parsnip cake

Spicy Sweet potato cake - gluten free

Thanks again to everyone at the Clog and Billycock, I have eaten at The Clog on numerous occasions and the food and welcome has always been great, part of the Ribble Valley Inns chain, the focus is very much on local seasonal ingredients and great hospitality.


The Wandering Pit said...

Mmmmhhh they all look sooo delicious!! If I still lived in Lancashire would´ve loved to participate!!

john smith said...

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In fact your blog is a must visit!
Thank you so much for sharing this blog.

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