Sunday, 29 March 2015

Banana pancakes - gluten free and full of goodness.

Recently my blogging mojo has been some what lacking, what with a busy life, working full time and a large IT project at work just about to go live, I just haven't managed to fit it all in.

So this post is a pretty short one but a recipe I have just had to share due to its utter simplicity and the fact it uses only 3 ingredients and has no artificial sugars at all, so it healthy and so so easy to make. No wonder Jack Johnson (one of my favourites) sings about them.

So here goes, take one spotty overripe banana (the browner the better), crush to a puree with a fork, add 1 free range egg, whisk together and add 1 tbsp of flour (buckwheat or any gluten free flour works beautifully), whisk to a smooth batter.

Then fry tablespoon dollops in a very lightly oiled heavy based frying pan or on a griddle until little bubbles are visible and popping on the top side, flip over and cook until lightly golden. Serve warm with fruits, yogurt, cream, sliced banana, anything you want for a wonderful breakfast.

Delicious, light and fluffy and so easy and a great way to use of overripe bananas. 

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Unknown said...

Well, don't these look super pretty - healthy and gluten free pancakes, nom x

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