Sunday, 2 February 2014

Meeting 22 - Strictly Cupcakes, Penwortham - Plain and Simple

    Strictly Cupcakes Penwortham

The 22nd meeting (wowzer that alot of cake !) of South Lancashire clandestine cake club was kindly hosted by Strictly Cupcakes in Penwortham. Despite cupcakes being a banned cake format the team at Strictly Cupcakes allowed us to visit their cute funky tea shop on a very rainy and dismal day. By popular demand our theme was plain and simple, so thats the classic recipes,  no fancy icing or decorations.

We had a great turnout despite the horrid weather and our 10 cakes looked great on the display table and the theme was a real winner as it meant that we were all able to enjoy more cake before secoming to the inevitable sugar rush.

The team at Strictly Cupcakes was fantastic catering to our every wim and also helping make in roads into our cake mountian too. We all enjoyed the lovely tea shop and amazing range of traditional cakes on offer, nice to see also was that the shop also stocked locally made Fredericks icecream and also a great range of cake decorating supplies.

We had Coffee & Walnut cake, Chocolate marble cake,Ginger cake and honey and banana loaf cake.

 Maderia Cake, Apple and caramel cake, Seed Cake and Lemon drizzle loaf cake.

Lemon Yogurt cake and Lancashire tea loaf.

You can find Strictly cupcakes in Penwortham at the junction of Liverpool Rd (A59) and Priory Lane. They also have another smaller shop in Preston city centre on Cannon St where you can also pop in for tea and cake.

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