Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Cheese of the Month - No 10

Fiery Jack from Kickass Cheese

This months cheese of the month is another great cheese from the KickAss cheese family, in fact this cheese has the same mature cheddar yet creamy cheese at its heart that we reviewed a couple of months ago. Fiery Jack is a great chilli infused cheese, made by blending Kickass cheddar, garlic, red peppers and jalapeno chilli's this is great addition to the Kickass stable (see what I did there !).

Unlike a lot of other chilli infused cheese this isn't just about heat, the garlic and the red peppers plus the creamy cheddary cheese combine to deliver a deliciously rounded cheese, which is really versatile and friendly even to chilli haters. Toasted its fab and its also good on sandwiches as well. We have come up with a recipe of it grated on top of nacho's for a great quick and easy snack which has another dimension, drizzle with salsa (either make your own or shop bought) and sour cream.

Kickass Cheeses are proudly made by Procters Cheeses in Chipping, Lancashire, they kindly provided a sample for us to try, you can purchase Fiery Jack wherever you see the KickAss cheese for sale and also on many farmers markets in Lancashire. Available off the block in deli's and also as funky little truckles with a red wax coating.

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