Saturday, 2 July 2016

Lemonade scones

Lemonade scones, a slightly unusual recipe but a scone never the less and one that creates the prefect scone for afternoon tea in a flash. Scones in my humble opinion need to be fluffy and light and no so sweet as to be cloying when served with fruit jam, this scone has it all despite containing lemonade it fresh and light and slightly scented with lemon, a perfect accompaniment to a dollop of homemade jam.

The recipe only has three ingredients (if you use a self raising flour- 4 if you use plain and baking powder) and the science bit is that the fizzy acidic lemonade activates the baking powder in the flour to give a superior rise in the oven. And rise they do, they tower as long as you don't man handle the dough too much. Some recipes also use double cream, not something I normally have in the fridge so I use creme fraiche and it works perfectly.

What you need
  • 400g self raising flour
  • 175ml lemonade
  • 175ml creme fraiche
What you do
  • Pre heat the oven to 200c fan /220c non fan
  • Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl, I use a stand mixer but you could knead together by hand
  • Turn out onto a floured surface and cut using a round cutter to desired size, I use about a 2 1/2" cutter 
  • Place on a lined baking tray and bake for approx 15 minutes until golden, the exact length of time will vary depending on the size of your scones
  • Cool on a wire rack and serve when cold with cream (clotted, double whipping , your choice) and homemade jam, curd or honey.
I have also made these scones with gluten free flour (my own mix) and they work fine, they obviously don't rise as much but they are still very tasty, more of a scone meets shortcake, they could also be made dairy free if you can get hold of a dairy free cream substitute, its already egg free so very allergy friendly all round.

Gluten free version 
I recently discovered  a half used bottle of lemonade in the back of a cupboard, past its best before date but still fizzy so  that what I used in this recipe and they turned out fine. So I am going to use this post as my link up to Credit Crunch Munch this month.

                                         Credit Crunch Munch - Fab Fod 4 All

Credit Crunch Munch is a blogger challenge created and hosted by Fab Food 4 all and Fuss Free Flavours.


Fab Food 4 All said...

I have never used lemondade in my scones so would love to try this Linzi, bet it would work well in Soda Bread too:-)

Shaheen said...

I love lemonade scones and will have to try it with creme fraiche, these really do look amazing.

Eb Gargano | Easy Peasy Foodie said...

Oooh what a fab idea. I've never heard of lemonade scones before, but I love how simple they are!! Thanks for sharing the recipe! Eb x

The Wandering Pit said...

These look great and are very original!!

Unknown said...

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