Thursday, 1 October 2015

October 2015 - Debbie Johnson - Westshore Chillies

This months featured foodie is Debbie Johnson of Westshore Chillies from Hesketh Bank who grow, pack and sell chillies to some of the best UK retailers.

I met Debbie at the launch of a new Booths Supermarket in Lytham St Annes  and we got chatting.They produce a high quality product and use no pesticides or chemicals in growing their produce.

What is your favourite cookery or food book or publication ?
The Secret Ingredient – Sally Bee.

What sentence sums up Lancashire Food to you ?
Wholesome Healthy and fresh.

If you weren’t doing what you do now, what would you like to be ?
 A house wife, working 7 days a week, I just never seem to find time to do the simple things, like taking care of my garden walking the dogs and keeping on top of my ironing!

Which piece of kit could you not do without ?
The Dish washer, at least I can put everything away and leave the sides tidy.

Who would join you at your ultimate dinner party and why?
My husband Joe,
Sheridan Smith, fantastic actress,
Will Smith he just seems so funny.
Mary Berry she would have to bring dessert.
Richard Attenborough he would have great stories to tell and all my lovely friends so we could all enjoy the experience together.

What advice would you give to your younger self ?
Be kind to yourself, enjoy the here and now and life is not a race to the finish, take your time.

Describe your style in three words
Smart casual and neat.

What was your latest foodie gadget purchase ?
New liquidiser, I like to make soup’s

What is your greatest achievement to date ?
My marriage, my two daughters and taking our small business successfully in to Waitrose and Sainsbury’s.

What is the worst mistake you have made ?
Trusting large companies and thinking they are friends. They are not!

Tell us a secret about yourself ? may be something we wouldn’t expect !
I was a model and due to work in Milan. However, I was a passenger in a very bad car accident, my career ended before it fully began. I have no regrets as I wouldn’t change my life although I would like to have a pain free knee.


James Page said...

A great and inspiring Entrepreneur who is down to earth and has family values, How did you get in contact with Sainsbury's and how do you they work ?

john narula said...

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Please keep posting ..!!!
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