Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Cheese of the Month - No 13

Sykes Fell Ewe's milk cheese -  Greenfields Diary Goosnargh

Sykes Fell ewe's milk cheese, is made at Greenfields Dairy in Goosnargh. This award winning cheese is made using locally sourced sheep's milk raised in the Forest of Bowland. Sheep's milk cheeses are smoother and richer than cows milk cheeses and is said to be easier to digest if you have lactose issues. Rich in protein, vitamins and minerals that versatile cheese is an excellent all round family cheese.

This semi hard ewe's milk cheese has a good tangy cheese flavour and is made with pasteurised sheeps milk and vegetarian rennet. Ideal for cooking or eating just on its own. The cheese proved very popular in our household.

Available loose in Booths and from Liverpool Cheese, Sheep's milk products are the perfect alternative for people who are allergic to cow or goats milk. Sheep's milk cheese is very healthy with high levels of easily-absorbed calcium and zinc. This makes it ideal for growing children, nursing mothers, discerning adults and especially women in middle-age keen to maximise their calcium intake

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