Sunday, 4 August 2013

The TV shoot !

No Winnebago,  no make up, no rider ! Recently I had the experience of being filmed by a TV production company for a programme which will  feature black pudding recipes which will hopefully be shown later this year on the BBC. Other than a tiny snippet on a fungal foray a few years ago, I have never featured on camera doing the food thing, yesterday all that changed.

As the programme was about Black puddings we met the film crew at the home of Lancashire Black pudding. Bury - the world famous market to be precise. I was to be filmed buying black pudding for the recipe I was to cook later and generally browsing the market. Frankly it was all a little surreal at first as I felt like Nigella wandering round the market browsing the produce, before purchasing some lovely black pudding from the famous Bury Black pudding company. In the words of Cliff Richard, I was wired for sound with a mobile mike and filmed from various angles. Bury Market by the way is very impressive, a great market just like I remember markets from the 1970's and 80's being like, lots of  fab local produce and a wonderful array of stalls where you can buy just about anything at great prices, the position is great as well, right in the town centre but handy for parking and the other shopping facilities and competing wonderful well with the supermarkets in the area too (go market !).

Later in the day I was filmed in the kitchen cooking the recipe, against whilst being shot from several angles, I am so glad our kitchen is pretty spacious as there were lights,reflectors and the like, as it got very warm in there.  I now have a lot more admiration for the teams that put together the cookery shows I so enjoy on TV, but it was great fun and fortunately the recipe turned out well.

I 'll blog the recipe and more details about the programme later in the year when I know more about when it will be on TV. As you would expect the recipe features homegrown and local produce.

Update : the clip was used on Paul Hollywood "Pies and Puds" on the 27th November 2013 on BBC1 , here is a link to an edited clip 

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Rachelradiostar said...

Oooo how exciting! Looking forward to watching!

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