Thursday, 1 August 2013

August - A Quick Bite of Lancashire Food

Stosi Madi - Parkers Arms, Newton in Bowland

This month's featured foodie is the talented and multi award winning chef, Stosi of the Parker Arms in Newton in Bowland, an essential visit for any one interested in great food in Lancashire. Stosi is passionate about local food and actively seeks out the best local seasonal produce which is cooked carefully and with love to produce delicious innovative dishes, this hasn't gone unnoticed nationally as she has just been awarded National Pub Chef of the year by the Craft Guild of chefs.

Check out my earlier post of a visit to the Parkers Arms here and you will see for yourself that the Parkers Arms is an essential visit.

The Parkers Arms in stunningly located in the Trough of Bowland and is a casual but elegant venue for any meal and Parkers Pantry is a delightfully quaint in house deli full of homemade delights, made by Stosi and the team for you to take away as a memento of your visit. Stosi also runs a popular cookery school and hosts other seasonal foodie events throughout the year. I just wish I lived a little nearer !

  • What is your favourite cookery or food book or publication ?
I am an avid reader/researcher of food & food history publications so far too many to mention but Escoffier’s Le Guide Culinaire is a good companion.

  • What sentence sums up Lancashire Food to you ?
Agricultural heaven with the best meat & dairy on our doorstep

  • If you weren’t doing what you do now, what would you like to be ?
That would never be an option really, I was born to be a food entrepreneur of some kind.

  • Which piece of kit could you not do without ?
My thermomix

  • Who would join you at your ultimate dinner party and why?
The queen because she is the amazing, she evolves with the times and never stops, my mother Laudy who is my greatest inspiration and I learn something new from her everyday and Michel Bras because he turns local produce into beautiful food.

  • What advice would you give to your younger self ?
Don’t be so hasty, give it time it will come

  • Describe your style in three words
Passionate, feisty, loyal

  • What was your latest foodie gadget purchase ?
My £1600 primo bbq

  • What is your greatest achievement to date ?
My only daughter Laudy or and National pub restaurant chef of 2013 from the prestigious Craft Guild of Chefs.

  •  What is the worst mistake you have made ?
I don't see them as mistakes but valuable life lessons and I would do them all again, they made me who I am today.

  • Tell us a secret about yourself ? may be something we wouldn’t expect !
I always wanted a huge family with more than 3 children as I was an only child.

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