Wednesday 1 May 2013

Cheese of the Month - No 05

Kidderton Ash

This months selection ventures outside the county of Lancashire and is a cheese that is produced in Cheshire by the Ravensoak diary, marketed by Butlers Cheese (of Lancashire), this delicious handmade goaty cheese is an outstanding goats cheese in my humble opinion. Kidderton Ash is log shaped and features a delicate creamy flavour which when young is firm but as it ages it goes more gooey and creamy. Sprinkled with charcoal ash prior to maturing, this creates a snug coat which can be appreciated when the cheese is sliced.

The contrast of textures can be enjoyed from the soft white coat, the firmer charcoal ash layer and then the soft luscious goats cheese in the centre, nice and creamy and oozy when more mature. Made from local pasteurised Goats Milk the tiny diary which is close to Nantwich was founded by Sarah Allwood in 2003.

Home to many other goats cheese such as Ravens oak and Guernsey gold, all created by head cheesemaker Katy Hollinshead , the soft curds from the goat's milk are ladled by hand into the cheese moulds and drained before being dusted with food ash and left to ripen slowly, the silky white mould coat blooms through the ash and creates and outstanding goat's cheese with a delicate yet distinctive creamy flavour.

We loved it especially on a croque monsieur of Kidderton ash, ham and spring onion served alongside a fresh green salad dressed with balsamic vinegar.

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