Sunday, 5 May 2013

Botany Bay Foodhall

I paid a visit yesterday to Botany Bay for the uninitiated this is an area of Chorley (not the penal colony in Australia)  where there is a massive mill complex that now has a new life as  a multi floored retail outlet, in the last six month or so the ground floor has been transformed in a haven of foodie delights.

Its a great place for both your regular shop as you will find all the artisan producers and retailers all under one roof. There is a butcher, baker, fishmonger, cheese shop, delicatessen  wine and beer shop, ice cream parlour, chocolaterie, amongst others all creating and selling fabulous produce, a lot of it local too.

Please pay them all a visit and support your local independents, it nice to be able to chat to knowledgeable people who are passionate about they are selling and may be even sample the wares too !

Amongst others are Choc Amour , The Cheese Shop, Ye Olde Sausage Shop, All you knead ,
Delish Deli , Tootsies, Drinks Cabinet

Choc Amour

Delish Deli

All You knead bakery

Chocolate delights

The Cheese Shop

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