Monday, 1 April 2013

Cheese of the Month - No 04

Bowland Cheese

My selection for this month is Bowland cheese, a variant of Lancashire cheese which is mixed with apple, cinnamon and sultanas prior to being molded into rounds. It is has a distinctive cinnamon coating and a sweet salty flavour, nicer than it sounds. I like it served with plain oatcakes. 

Bowland Cheese is a relatively new style of Lancashire cheese created by David Williams from Cheshire who's family had a delicatessen in Sandbach, originally created on a small scale , the idea spread and it is now commercial produced by several Lancashire diaries and is available all over the country.

The name Bowland is after the Forest of Bowland and area of outstanding natural beauty in Lancashire and reputed to be the area of the country where the Queen would like to retire to. The area has always been a royal hunting area and still has many shooting areas within it and the Queen visits privately most years. Who can blame her the area is stunning and the food amazing in this area. 

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