Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Plum Job AKA its raining plums

Its raining plums in the garden, for the first time ever our plum tree has produced a decent crop, its taken about 10 years for this to happen ! I think the variety is called 'Avalon' , its was birthday present quite a few years ago. Its been a race against the wasps for who gets to the ripe fruit first, Due to the size of the glut I think I will be freezing most of it for pie, crumble and cobbler filling, but I also love English plums raw.

The garden has been particularly bountiful this year, currently I am picking

· Cucumber - I can thoroughly recommend cucumber sandwiches a la Val Warner
· Courgettes - that’s a story for another day
· Beans - broad and french
· Rocket
· Tomatoes
· Blackberries / loganberries
· Spring onions
· Beetroot
· Potatoes
· Baby Carrots

Wow that’s a lot of fruit and veg.

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