Saturday, 2 August 2008

Railway at Euxton

I have know this pub under various names, The Railway, then The Ordnance, now we are back to The Railway and being advertised as the new gastro pub. We had to try it out.

So one Thursday after work Hubby and I ventured for our evening meal. Firstly the decor was different than last time and also the layout, the emphasis is now very much food.

On the evening we visited they had a special of two courses for £10.95, not bad. We were greeted an seated and pleased to see that at 6.30pm there were already half a dozen tables occupied.

I order the local chicken with creamy wild mushroom sauce, baby roasted pots and green beans, hubby ordered the pea and bean risotto. If you are on the special offer you have a choice of 3 dishes for each course. The food arrive after about 15mins and we were pleasantly impressed, hot, flavourful and well presented in large white bowls. No compliants on the mains.

We then went on to puddings, we both chose the egg custard with berries. The custard was everything we expected wobbly and good, the berry accompanying more of a berry mush, main problem was the chef trying to look funky and including toffee shards, which were to crunchy and hard to eat without fear of loosing a tooth.

All in all a good meal and have since recommended to friends how had much the same experience.

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