Saturday, 2 August 2008

Chorley Market and Taylor's Cafe

Lancashire in the sunshine, today we visited Chorley Market to introduce a friend from the other side ( I mean Yorkshire) to the delights of Lancashire. She actually lives locally and was wondering where I bought all my lovely produce from, so off we ventured to Chorley. After a quick round of Tyrers Fruit and Veg, so much cheaper and fresher than the supermarket, Pat's cheese stall, and fish stall. We were a little peckish, we had been recommended to try Taylors Cafe , near the town hall, a cut above most other cafes in Chorley which are of the greasy spoon variety. This one is more healthy and Eco in approach. The smoothies were particularly good, the food didn't arrive all at once but other than that pretty good. So if you in Chorley and wish for a healthy bite to eat try Taylors. We will visiting again I am sure.

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Linzi_Barrow said...

Unfortunately this venue is now closed

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