Saturday, 2 September 2006

Beetroot soup after the farmers market

Today saw hubby, my brother, nephew and myself all visiting the local farmers market in the rain. The market at Cedar Farm Gallery, Mawdsley is on the first Saturday in the month. The market is well attended and you can get all sorts there. This was my brother's and nephews first visit and both really enjoyed the atmosphere and the resultant goodies they left with.

Several of the producers have been nominated for UKTVfood "Food Hero" awards and the black pudding supplier is even a Rick Stein hero. On returning with some excellent lamb and local Lancashire cheese I decided to make soup with some of the beetroot in the garden.

The beetroot is not the usual purple type and is the striped "choggia" version, still tastes the same though. I also grated an onion, 2 carrots and added half a dozen leaves from a Savoy cabbage. I then simmered this for approx 40 mins with beef stock and some tomato puree. Result a fairly textured soup when liquidised but with a fairly distinct beetroot tang.

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