Sunday 4 May 2014

Cheese of the Month - No 16

Garstang White - a new cheese for Lancashire

I am really pleased to be able to feature a new Lancashire cheese, fortunately for us we were one of the first people in the country to taste Garstang White by Dewlay as Mr LF was photographing the cheese.

Garstang White is made in Lancashire and is made with creamy rich Jersey milk, mold ripened like a brie this cheese perfectly fits a gap in the market for a locally produced creamy oozy versatile cheese which is ideal for cooking or melting.

The cheese is available in 225g packs or in deli wheels of 1kg for slicing, the cheese matures in the same way as a brie and becomes increasingly more flavourful and oozy as the cheese matures. Dewlay are currently struggling to keep with the initial high demand as Garstang White is proving a popular addition to the Lancashire Cheese board and in now featured on various local restaurants menus.

Currently available from Dewlays cheese shop and various selected independent cheese shops ( I know Pats Cheese stall in Chorley has it) in the region, given its popularity I am sure Booths will also be stocking soon.

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