Sunday, 1 September 2013

Cheese of the Month - No 09

Pextenement Devils Rock Blue

This month's cheese of the month is our first blue - Devils Rock from Pextenement in Todmorden ( before you ask, yes its counts, old parish Lancashire you see like Manchester and Liverpool, traditionally the border of the two counties was the River Calder which runs through the middle of the town) and also I purchased at Sawley Farmers Market too ! 

Pextenement are a small organic artisan cheese company making a small but interesting range of cheese from milk from their own cows. 

Devils Rock Blue is a tangy blue cheese which when ripe oozes beautifully , being well flavored and the most tangy of the range of cheeses produced by the farm, a soft, delicate blue and lusciously creamy, named after a rock perched at the top of the hill behind the Farm.

I understand that the family have a mixture of breeds in their herd and they produce a high 4.4% fat milk – not quite that of a Jersey cow but much higher than the standard 3.8% fat in normal milk and they are organic too. The resulting cheeses are really creamy with a great mouth feel.

We left the cheese to get suitable oozy at room temperature so we could experience the full flavour of the cheese.

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