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Ovenclean - The Original oven cleaning specialists

Ovenclean - Oven Cleaning Service

As an avid cook and baker one of the essential tools in my kitchen is my oven. I am lucky to have a fab stainless steel double oven which is a great workhorse and its very energy efficient  and assists greatly in the production of lots of cakes and bakes. However its also my nemesis as I absolutely loath cleaning it, its one of those jobs that gets put off, so that were Ovenclean comes in.

My idea of heaven is to be able to pick up the phone and book a nice man (or lady) who will come and give some love and attention to my oven restoring it back to its showroom shine. That's exactly what Ovenclean do, in my case my local contact was Bernard who arrived on an atrocious winter day to give my oven the Ovenclean treatment.

The before shot !

Ovenclean is the UK's leading professional domestic oven cleaning specialist, their specially trained technicians use the latest equipment and customised cleaning products to clean your oven, hob, aga, grill, extractor, range or BBQ and  put the sparkle back into your appliance.

Using an eco friendly system to remove all grease, fat and burnt on oven deposits, Bernard soon had my oven sparkling again, there were no fumes, no mess, no fuss or bother and wow does my oven now shine.

Bernard removed the parts he could and cleaned those in his specially equipped van and then refitted all the parts and cleaned the main body of the oven, at no time where there any nasty harsh chemicals being used (so great for those with pets, allergies or children), all I could smell was a pleasant fresh clean aroma as he did he wonderful job of restoring the gleam to my trusty oven. Plus I could use my oven straight away !

All in all the service took approximately 2 hour for my ovens and all I had to do was drink tea whilst Bernard worked away. I can't recommend Ovenclean highly enough, especially for all you avid cooks and bakers, your oven deserves a treat, no more nasty oven cleaning foams and potions and scrubbing for hours all to no avail, have your oven professional cleaned by experts.

If you contact Ovenclean they will have a representative in your area and will provide you with a personalised quote for whatever service you require to be undertaken. I think the pricing is affordable especially when you look at the results achieved, my oven never looked like this after I had cleaned it !

You can contact Ovenclean on 0800 840 7127 or by clicking on
                                          Ovenclean - Oven Cleaning Service

This is a sponsored blog post and I received my service complimentary from Ovenclean to enable me to review their service.


preston said...

There is always a down to making yummy food, cleaning! however said this I've tried this and it works a treat

Jean said...

The last time I had my oven professionally cleaned (I don't think it was Ovenclean), the stench from the chemicals was horrid and the bloke had a stinking cold. He coughed and snivelled in my kitchen for what seemed like hours and I couldn't wait to get rid of him. It put me off having it done again but it's getting to the point where I just have to do something about it !!
Thanks for reminding me !!

Unknown said...

Hi Jean I can assure you Ovenclean do not use caustic chemicals, so nasty smells from the oven or the cleaner. All our products are non harmful to the environment so your oven can be used immediately after the clean. FYI I am fully fighting fit at the moment so coughs or sniffs
Bernard Ovenclean

Linzi_Barrow said...

Hi , I can confirm that at no time did Ovenclean use any nasty chemicals, just lots of elbow grease and hot water. My oven smelt fresh and clean after their visit.

Unknown said...

Because self improvement ovens square measure higher insulated, they're a lot of energy economical once used for cookery. However, if you run the self improvement feature on your kitchen appliance over once a month, you offset the savings you complete. With lightweight to moderate use your kitchen appliance ought to be able to be clean each one to 3 months.

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Unknown said...

In every kitchen Oven is a very common household electrical appliance which is helpful in our daily life. We cook and do other useful household work with the help of oven in minutes. But once we are done using the Oven, we usually forget or miss to clean our ovens & due to which gradually we start facing problems in our daily today life.

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Brad said...

Nice before and after pictures. Looks very similar to my type of oven, a Neff. I have a great before after picture too of what Oven Cleaning Sheffield did. It looked brand new.

Unknown said...

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