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Hana Adams Mediterranean Cypriot Foods

On visiting Grimsargh farmers market recently, I met Hana Adams an euthiastic local food producer specialising in cypriot food. Hana thinks there is a gap in the market for this type of food. Hana is very knowledgeable about her product and we both chatted about our experiences on recently appearing on BBC Radio Lancashire.You can purchase her products via her website

Hana's range includes sauces, salads and sweet biscuits. She is planning to retail these initially through farmers markets in the area.

Tomato and bell pepper sauce
A chunky tomato and bell pepper sauce, rich with vegetables this is a very well flavoured sauce, delicious served hot or cold. If serving cold this would be ideal with crudites or corn chips, the flavours are fresh with a slight citrussy twist , the sauce has a slight background heat. Warm for a couple of minutes in a pan or in the microwave the sauce works well with pasta, rice or sausages even. The sauce is fresh chilled so should last in the fridge for about 5 days.

Pastry fingers
Delicious , light delicate pastry fingers, not filo, not flaky , not shortcrust, sort of a mixture of all of them,which is sweet, crumbly and very moreish. They are great with coffee, but would also be ideal served with creamy puddings, yoghurt or ice cream. They disappeared very quickly.

Creamy spicy white onion sauce
I decided to serve this with a poached salmon fillet, warmed through in a pan for few minutes and poured over the salmon. Delicious,a warm spicy background to the sauce, yet creamy at the same time. A good alternative for fish instead of the usual hollandaise.The sauce could also be served over vegetables such as broccoli or even steak. The sauce comes in a plastic which is easily stored in the fridge for up to 5 days.

Bulgar wheat salad
Bulgar wheat and onion salad, gently swelled grains flavoured with a herby stock and veegtables. Very adaptable as it can be served hot or cold, the pot was microwaveable. The salad is light with a grain size larger than cous cous, fresh tasting and flavoursome. The ideal side dish to anything.

Chick pea salad
Soft earthy chickpeas,bite sized potato chunks, peppers, garlic, onion and herbs make up this tasty salad, warm with coriander and peppers this is ideal to serve alongside grilled fish , meat and salads. Hana sells this is generous pots which store easily in the fridge.


Irwin Kraus said...

Everything looks wonderfully tasty and healthy. I wonder if Hana has considered offering hummus?

Hana Adam's said...

Hello Irwin ..

Thank you kindly for taking the time to write back to me with all your lovely feedback, thoughts and words of encouragement - I really appreciated it .. This is my very 1st website-review & blogg - and the author Lindsey has written a superb review !! ..

Lately I have received so many nice responses via email and mobile-text-messages from very happy satisfied customers alike expressing interest in my Brand 'Hana Adam's' ..

As you may already know I have created a 'new concept' range of foods comprising of sauces, marinades, bread-mixes, seasonings, & savoury meals. The author has sampled a few of my culinary delights and has kindly reviewed them for you here on 'Lancashire-Food The Taste of Lancashire'.

To answer your question Irwin:) Creating a new range of 'Hana Adam's' tastey 'Hummus-Dips' is next on my list of taste-sensations - and who knows we may even receive another pleasant visit from Lindsey in the near future seeking to sample those too at another wonderful 'Lancashire Farmers Market' venue ..

Featured in this review were ..

1) My 'All Purpose Mediterranean-Cypriot Tomato & Mixed-Bell Pepper Sauce' ..

2) My 'All Purpose Mediterranean-Cypriot Spicy-White-Onion Sauce' ..

3) My 'All Purpose Mediterranean-Cypriot Bulgur-Wheat-Tomato & Onion' ..

4) My 'All Purpose Mediterranean-Cypriot Chickpea & Potato, Sweet & Sour' ..

The concept behind this 'new contemporary Cypriot food range' of mine is really 'All Purpose' in the sense that you can really use the sauces, marinades, and the ready-meals, to create your own favourable style of dining - so whether you add vegatables or additional onions, tomatoes or choose to cook with Lamb instead of Beef, Chicken, Pork or Game - is really how quick and easy to use is this 'Mediterranean-Cypriot Food' range of mine has been created with in mind ..

I owe so many thanks to my Greek-Cypriot and Turkish-Cypriot Friends inparticularly ' Mr Kyriakos-Christodulou' and 'Miss Halide-Sarp' whom I recently studied with at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston. They were both my inspiration, and guided me and helped me throughout this journey ..

Here is a useful link called 'Made in Lancashire' .. It's a list of all the Farmers Markets in Lancashire that I attend frequently ..

Many thanks Irwin ..

Kindest Regards,

Hana ..

Anonymous said...

Nice article, thank you. Can you tell us about the third paragraph in more detail?

Hana Adam's said...

Dear Anonymous ..

Thank you for your message. Yes it is delicious and very healthy!

Kindest Regards,

Hana ..

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