Tuesday, 27 August 2013


                                 Philips HR1371/90 700W PURE ESSENTIALS COLLECTION HAND BLENDER

I don't know about you but I am fairly picky as to what equipment I will allow in my kitchen, appliances definitely have to deliver what they promise and  I am not one to follow appliance fads slavishly. You can buy all the trendy gadgets in the world and it won't make you a better cook or baker !, what appliances are supposed to do is make the job easier and save you time in the kitchen. I  value counter space too so only the most useful appliances get to live on my surfaces, being a great believer that if its in the cupboard you aren't going to use it.

I have had a stick blender set for about 10 years and find it a useful tool in the kitchen, particularly for blending soups and smoothies, therefore I jumped at the opportunity to review the semi professional model HR1371 from Philips when the offer arrived from Appliances direct.

Unlike my previously blender, this model has 5 speeds plus a turbo and a beefy 700 watt motor ( the other was 400W), so it seriously out performed what I was expecting in terms of results when it came to blending smoothies, whoosh and they were as smooth as anything.

Stylishly designed and with a beautiful stainless steel finish on the stick blender, the blender was easy clean but on the downside there is a  slightly annoying ridge on the blender head which hampered easy cleaning slightly, I also liked that the cutting head had 2 additional small cutting surfaces on the blade itself.

No unnecessary accessories here, just a mini processor ( actually quite a generous size so you can chop quite large quantities of bread or onions, etc) and a blending jug with a lid (ideal for storing your smoothie in the fridge). 

One of my pet peeves of my previous blender was the useless whisk attachment which just splattered the contents of your bowl everywhere, so I am glad to see that whisking head has been omitted by Philips in this semi professional version.

As for the service I received from Buy it direct, it was great the item was delivered well packaged and arrived very quickly, the pricing also looks very competitive.

The views expressed in this post are my own and was sent the blender for review purposes by Appliances Direct, I have received no payment for this post.


Miss C Flash said...

Lucky you :-) This looks like a good hand mixer, I think it's important to splash out on a kitchen necessity - especially in the winter months, when homemade soup is required! x

ramdin khan said...

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Ashwin Kumar said...

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