Saturday, 19 September 2009

Sweet chilli sauce - a taste of lancashire

Last year due to a glut of peppers and chilli's in the garden, I made sweet chilli sauce and very impressive were the results, particularly popular with one of my friends Jo. So this year I promised her we would make her a supply using a combination of our garden produce.

Artichokes, lifes too short

We have been growing globe artichokes for the first time this year and to our surprise they have actually produced a couple of heads. I consulted several books for guidance on the best way to prepare, but what a faff ! by the time you have peeled, acidulated, trimmed and removed the choke there isn't much left to eat, you then got to cook it. Life's way to short, I like the flavour but might try the baby ones next time.

Rather beautiful to look at though

Oak Leaf Wine - result

We have just racked off the first couple of bottles of Oak leaf wine, (see earlier post), and I must say it's pretty good. Slightly sweet but with a dry edge, very palatable. Just had a glass with my dessert


Sunday, 6 September 2009

Beetroot ice cream anyone !

I know it sounds revolting, but it isn't, rather delicious actually. Following another HFW recipe as a guide and using homegrown beetroots. Its fairly simple, just a rich egg custard, cream and beetroot puree. Yummy ! Photos to follow shortly
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