Saturday, 20 January 2007

Chorley Market

In our quest for more local good food, we now regularly visit Chorley Market to buy a wide range of fresh foods.

The best butchers we have found locally is Brown’s, situated on the side of the permanent market stalls. Nominated as a Local Food Hero byUKTV Food and you can see why. You can get any meat from Brown’s, the staff are very helpful, friendly and know there stuff. Of special note are the Steak Puddings, Haggis and sausages.

Chorley is also very lucky in having one of the best cheese stall’s in all of Lancashire – Pats, (another Local Food Hero nominee) where you can get practically any cheese you want, but her selection of Lancashire cheese is second to none, from Leagrams’ soft baby Lancashire to Mrs Kirkhams , and everything between.

The market also has an excellent wet fish stall, Livesey Bros (almost opposite to Brown’s) and several good fruit and vegetable stalls.

Friday, 19 January 2007

Bullivant’s Delicatessen

After seeing an article in the Chorley Guardian for a new deli in Chorley, you can imagine our surprise when we discovered the new deli was owned by none other than one of my husband’s old friends – Mick Bullivant. Mick has recently returned to Chorley from travelling and working for many years across Europe.

The deli is a real coo for Chorley and stocks a wide range of continental delicacies, olives, cheese and the like. Bullivants also provide an interesting range of sandwiches and tortillas, served with fair trade teas and coffees to takeaway and soon to be served on the premises.
Bullivants can also supply your lunchtime buffet, the menu being way more interesting than the usual caterers choice, and for lazy or the discerning Bullivants can also cook for you at home, for that special dinner or celebration.

As Mike say's on one of his flyers
"We at Bullivants only believe in one thing, food satisfaction. We have gone to extreme lengths to source the best food from all over Italy, Spain, Sardinia and indeed England, for your enjoyment at home. We will show you our range of exciting foods and will be happy to try and stock food from other countries. So if we don't have it, tell us and we will, just for you"

So why not give a local lad a try:-

Bullivant’s Delicatessen,

47 Chapel Street, Chorley

Tel 012572 67360
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