Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Absolutely Foolproof Food for Family and Friends - Rosemary Shrager

If there every was a book that lived up to its title then this is it, the books aim is to provide you with good basic techniques which means that you can tackle any of the dishes with confidence. The book provides foolproof recipes and step by step instructions for over 200 recipes. 

I particularly liked the photo tutorials for key techniques such as 
  • how to prepare an artichoke
  • chopping and slicing techniques
  • Dry curing fish for gravadlax
  • Confit of duck
and many others. Most of the recipes are illustrated and the ones that are are beautifully photographed in this well illustrated book. For many of the recipes twists, ingredient alternatives and variations are suggested for the recipes and the methods are clear and easy to follow.
The book also has a handy section on equipment which gives some great advise on how  to equipt your kitchen, ready to work your way through the different sections in the book. A lot of the recipes are more classical in style so this book would make a good addition to most cooks library, the only major ommision is that desserts aren't covered.

Apparently the book accompanies a TV series, but its not one I watched so I can't comment on whether its a good representation of the show.
Rosemary Shrager has been cooking since was 6 and has worked alongside many top chefs over the years, she runs a popular cookery school in Yorkshire and this is her fourth book.

I received my copy for review from Octopus Books , the book is available through normal channels.

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Karen S Booth said...

I also received a copy of this book and loved the step-by-step photos.....I need to get my skates on and review it too!

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