Saturday, 21 February 2015

Prune and raisin loaf cake - gluten free

Winter baking needs to be comforting and this loaf definitely hits the spot, ideal served with a good cup of tea. I have mentioned before that Mr LF is a member of a walking group and this has been tasted and approved by his fellow walkers, its also robust enough to survive being buffeted about in a rucksack or lunch box.

I love the sticky soft prunes which create large pockets of moist juicy fruitiness, this cake is naturally gluten free and improves with keeping, I have baked the recipe several times and would recommend that you use a quality cider or fruit juice as your soaking liquor as it really makes a difference to the overall flavour of the cake.

This version is taken from River Cottage Light and Easy and is also very similar to a tea loaf recipe I make a lot but instead of the raisins and prunes, I used the same quantity of dried fruit.

What you need
  • 150g raisins or sultanas
  • 150g soft pitted prunes
  • 75g soft brown sugar
  • 150ml cider, strong tea or fruit juice (apple or orange is good)
  • Oil spray
  • 1 egg - free range
  • 100g rice flour or gluten free flour
  • 100g ground almonds
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp mixed sweet spices
What you do
  • Soak the fruit in the cider,tea or juice for a couple of hours, stir in the sugar until dissolved in a large baking bowl. I leave it covered with a tea towel in the kitchen
  • Oil spray and base line a 2lb loaf tin
  • Pare heat the oven to 170c
  • Sieve the flour, almonds, baking powder and spices on to a plate ready for adding to the bowl
  • Add the sieved flour and egg to the bowl containing the soaked fruits, mix thoroughly and then turn into the prepared loaf tin
  • Bake for 50 to 55 mins until golden and well risen
  • Cool initially in the tin and then cool fully on a wire rack
  • Stores well in an airtight tin.

I am linking this post up to "Bake of the Week" over at Casa Costello, a general celebration of baking in all its forms.

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  1. I love the prunes and raisins in this cake, beautiful x

  2. Hi, this looks so scrummy. I have a lot of dates do you think this recipe would work switching the prunes for dates (I got carried away on an Amazon order - really need to get through those dates!!!)? Also am saving your Lancashire Hotpot recipe as it is one of my absolutely favourite dinners of all time. Thank you for sharing this recipe Sammie.

  3. Not sure might go a little sticky, try the sticky date bar or date sweetened brownies instead.


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